How do I obtain a marriage license? The easiest way is to go the hall of records in the county that you live in. It is a simple process and the cost is from $69 to$72. YOUR OFFICIANT CAN NOT SUPPLY YOU WITH ONE. Here's a link


How long does it take to get a certified copy of my license? After the officiant files your license it takes up to 6-8 weeks.


How long does the ceremony last? The basic ceremony last up to 15 minutes. If you add songs, readings, or poems it could last up to 30 minutes.


May I design my own ceremony? You may. The ceremony on this site is just the basic with a few special editions such as Sand ceremony, Wine ceremony, Unity candle etc etc. Feel free to add your own flair or customize it according to what your heart desires.


If Mike Giordano is not available who are my other options? Giordano's weddings will supply another officiant, all who are more than qualified. Please see other officiates on this site.


What about a rehearsal? Typically rehearsals are run by the wedding coordinators and it not necessary for the officiant to be there. If you do desire that he is it is an additional $100.

Is marriage counseling mandated? Due to the stress that each marriage encounters in its early days marriage counseling is recommended but not mandatory. There is a fee for pre-martial counseling see Counseling on this site.

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